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Are You At The Forefront Of Product Branding?

Don’t Get Complacent. Raise The Goal Post With Expert Insights Direct To Your Inbox.

Getting outstanding results from promotional branding is tough. Relentless competition and new innovations mean that marketing, advertising and merchandising industries are constantly changing to keep up – and so do you!

This might sound like stating the obvious, but many brand managers aren’t acting on these changes and honing the work for their clients.

Here at Magellan World, we are experienced pioneers in promotional product branding and merchandising, on an international scale. And we can help you succeed with your clients’ projects; now and in the future.

The Offer

Exclusive VIP access to the latest promotional branding updates, via personal emails. All email insights will be sent directly from the Director of Magellan World Ltd, Lee Robinson.

By receiving personalised emails from Lee, you will also be entered into prize draws, to win prizes like iPads, spa days and luxury hampers!

Those within this VIP circle have direct access to me and enjoy my direct involvement in their projects. I have a background in quality control in production environments, and have set up ISO standard procedures for these areas. My production and ISO experience is based around media production, including magnetic (tapes, floppy disc) and optical media (CD/DVD/BD).

I also have a good knowledge of graphic design files types and have worked in sales and marketing for the last 10 years. By working closely with brand and event mangers over this period, I have gained extensive knowledge of which products work well and how to get the best ROI.

Lee Robinson | Managing Director of Magellan

Interested in Becoming a VIP member?

  • Email us with your basic details
  • Lee Robinson will personally call you back
  • Your position, objectives and the needs of your clients will be discussed in detail
  • Lee will take your email address, then regularly send valuable branding and merchandising information straight to your inbox

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